Essentials of the journey from wavering to a vibrant smile

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The journey of transforming your smile is as demanding as it is significant. Here we shall help you with the know-how and things you need to care for so that you benefit from the treatment optimally and that no stone is left unturned.

Improve your brushing technique

Half of us laugh it off and the other half question the sanity of the person suggesting this. Why would anything be wrong with something we’ve been doing since as long as we can remember? Nothing, right? Wrong! Everything. No one cares to bother over the technique of the mundane activity of brushing one’s teeth except being religiously regular about it. Depending upon the availability of time and our moods the intensity and duration of brushing teeth vary daily, this is where the majority of us err and end up sabotaging our dental health unintentionally. This negligence is the topmost reason why dental health problems are rampant even at this age. If such negligence persists during treatment, things can take a turn for the worst.

How to brush your teeth?

Brush at the gum line of your teeth at the very start, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards your gums. After you are done cleaning your gum line, hold your toothbrush at a downward angle on the top of your brackets, and then at an upward angle to clean the bottom of your brackets.

Generally, people only need to brush twice a day, but people with braces are strongly recommended to form a habit of brushing their teeth after every meal.

Floss is a must

Flossing when fitted with braces can be a bit of a feat, but a silent sea never made a skilled sailor, learning to floss your teeth and braces thoroughly shall play a decisive role in the effectiveness of the treatment. Flossing helps in removing built-up plaque as well as smaller food particles that get stuck in your braces or between your teeth. If you find it hard to floss with flossing tape, try using interdental brushes or floss threaders for braces.

Do not apply too much pressure or floss hastily as you could damage your braces.

Must-have products for the upkeep of braces

The right accessories help you do double the work in half the time and prevent any complications from prolonging the treatment. We have taken into consideration your time and financial constraints when compiling a list for the same.

Dental Wax

Dental wax/ orthodontic wax is an edible wax made of natural products. It is used to prevent your lips, cheeks or gums from getting hurt due to the ridges, wires, clasps, etc on the braces.

You will be thoroughly briefed by the orthodontist over how to use the wax effectively, make sure you clear all the doubts and ask all the questions regarding the same. If you don’t want to come off as bothersome you can always refer online for the same.

Sports Mouthguard

These are a great help while sleeping in if your braces get caught in your cheeks or if you have a habit of sleeping on the sides. To those who play sports regularly, especially contact sports at that, it is highly recommended to wear a mouthguard to protect your braces from damage and your cheeks and lips from your braces

Lip Balm

Lip balm helps you get rid of the irritation caused right after a session of braces adjustment.