What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system consists of a series of doctor prescribed and custom-made plastic aligners that are designed to move your teeth in small increments from their original position to the most desired natural position. It’s a thin and clear removable appliance indicated to use for alignment of your teeth like braces.

While some of you may be aware of these aligners and the care, required during the course of the treatment, many would still have doubts on how to use them. Here are a few answers to basic questions about the aligners and a compilation of instructions that are to be followed while wearing and/or removing them.

1) Wear your aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours a day:

  • Compliance is the most important part of the treatment and requires the most discipline.
  • To ensure timely completion of the treatment you need to stick to the protocol tailored by your orthodontist.
  • Aligner treatments are proven to be 2x faster than the traditional braces treatment if worn as per the schedule.
  • At Embrace Orthodontics, we usually follow 7 days aligner change schedule.
  • You can wear them while performing any sports activity. You may also wear them while swimming. It won’t harm your aligner quality.

Play your favourite sport with your aligners on

Play your favourite sport with your aligners on

  • For teens, we have an optional compliance indicator to monitor adequate timely wear. The aligners come with a blue mark in the corner that changes colour (after the prescribed time) and lets us know for how long the aligner has been worn.

2) Eating/Drinking with Invisalign:

  • The best part about undergoing Invisalign treatment is that it gives you the freedom to eat your favourite food without any restrictions.

Eat all your favourite food

  • There is no special diet to be followed while undergoing Invisalign therapy, unlike traditional braces.
  • Special caution: Do not eat/drink with the aligners ON. You may distort them.
  • You are only allowed to have cold / normal water with the aligners ON.

3) While you are not wearing them:

  • Always store your aligners in the case provided by your orthodontist. At Embrace, we provide a case that is sleek, stylish and easy to carry.

Aligner Case

  • Keep your aligners stored safely away from pets and children.
  • Do not ever use tissue or napkin to keep your aligners.
  • Always store aligners in a cool, dry space.

4) Brushing and flossing with Invisalign:

Regular brushing and cleaning is crucial during treatment

  • You can continue to brush and floss as you normally do.
  • Clean or rinse your aligners before putting them back each time.
  • It’s advisable to brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back.
  • DO NOT use hot water to clean your aligners. Instead, use cold water when cleaning or rinsing your aligners. You could also use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste to clean your aligners. High temperatures can damage them.
  • Protect your aligners from the sun and excessive heat.
  • Do not use denture cleaners on your aligners or soak your aligners in mouthwash, since this can damage or discolour them.

5) Use “Chewies”:

  • While putting them back, do not bite your aligners into position. This can damage your aligners and your teeth. Instead, use “Aligner chewies” to seat your aligners on the teeth.

6) Ask your orthodontist for extra sets of aligners if you have travel plans:

  • Unlike braces, aligners do not require monthly visits to your orthodontist.
  • We at Embrace Orthodontics encourage our patients to visit us every 3 months for a progress assessment scan and follow up regarding any concerns.

7) A temporary increase in salivation or dryness may occur for the few initial days.

8) Attachments may be temporarily bonded on your teeth to facilitate aligner retention and/or tooth movement. These may fall off during the treatment and might require replacement. They will be removed after the completion of treatment.

9) Please note that the attachments might feel poky and sharp for the first few days. But it should not be a matter of concern, as the regular wear and tear make the edges smooth.

10) After the aligner treatment is over, always wear retainers as guided by your orthodontist as the teeth may shift position after treatment.

For any more information or queries that you may have, feel free to connect with us