Getting braces treatment for one’s teeth very is critical to an individual’s well beinag yet it is never talked about neither in social circles or in families except the unreal side-effects that people invent out of their own fears and the stigma attached to visible braces which leaves place for a whole lot of uncertainty and doubts. We aren’t family but we sure care enough to ensure your smile in itself is reason enough to make you smile.

Meghna Rao

Dr.Keyur is a very cooperative and communicative person. He ensured I was calm and relaxed during the entire dental procedure. I had a very good experience with Dr.Keyur and would definitely recommend him if anyone wants to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Abhinav bansal

Its been almost 5 months now that I started my braces treatment with Dr. Keyur. Getting little worried about how to go about the treatment, anxious if it will take too long or will I be able to cope up with the treatment etc. is all humane in nature and undoubtedly Keyur not just cleared all my doubts but has always been just a text away. I am already noticing the signs of improvement and change of alignment. I will surely recommend Dr. Keyur if you are looking for Orthodontist.

Bhavik Kinani

Hi everyone I'd like the share the experience with Dr Keyur Mehta and also the braces which I currently have,it has been really good and comfortable for me to have the braces and sir has made the braces experience for me very easy as other people think it is not a good idea to have braces as it pains and hurts you,it's absolutely nothing like that so if you are struggling through teeth gaps and uneven teeth you should definitely see and visit Dr Keyur Mehta


Great experience with Dr. Keyur Mehta & team, Dr. Keyur is very polite, friendly & explains every issue with details, satisfying treatment. Strongly recommend him for orthodontic treatment.😊

Sumit Chadrasingh Soun

It was really good..I'm satisfied by their work my son's is so happy as his treatment is finished thank you so much

Bela Parakh

Is helping my son Aryan Parakh in getting his two canine teeths in proper position. Good tidy hand. We have been having my son treated since one year. Also has a pleasing personality. Would definitely recommend to others.

Sudarshan Thorat

Dr. Keyur Mehta is very Gentle and Polite. I experience from the beginning was best. He is very trustworthy Doctor.


Dr. Keyur is very polite and friendly doctor. He explained the lingual process in details and answered all the queries patiently. He made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure of braces. Will highly recommend him for any orthodontic treatment. Thank you!!


Dr Keyur Mehta is a very friendly doctor and he does his work very patiently. Usually braces can make your teeth hurt but me personally there was no sign of pain and he gave good instructions. Overall he is a great dentist and he talks in a very friendly way and never makes me feel uncomfortable.


Alright instead of writing a paragraph I would write down the pointers about my experience. 1) Cleanliness at it's best. 2) Results are very good. 3) Dr. Keyur made everything comfortable for me. 4) He explained me 10x same thing if I questioned him anything about my treatment. 5) He is Polite and kind. 6) All the tools used were in good and hygienic conditions. Procedures taken place were in a very hygienic way. 7) He Followed-up timely.


It was a good experience. I will recommend the doc. He explained me very nicely about the braces. Thanks.

Mrs. Banwait

One of the most efficient doctors i ever met Thank you, Dr cooool.....Dr Keyur :) keep working with the same smiling face


I went there for my son's treatment. Doctor was so friendly and explained very clearly about the treatment on my first visit three months back. Recently we have successfully completed the treatment and are very happy with the treatment results.


It has been a great experience for the very first time with any Dentist.... Also, the treatment was done with a lot of care and comfort of the patient


I visited the doctor for Invisalign. Very impressive. The staff too was very friendly. He's abreast with the latest in his branch. His approach was quite professional.

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